• Margaret Philbrick

How did you create the book together?

When Gigi came up with the idea of writing a book about our struggles with her hair I thought, "Let's do it!" But we all know how coming up with an idea is one thing and making it a reality is another. We sat down together and laughed over how CLUELESS I was about her hair and we remembered some of our unbelievable moments, like going into our local Afro-Cuban market and buying armfuls of the in-style, latest thing in hair - Brazilian extensions. Then going to "auntie" who turned those packages into a work of art, six hours and many dollars later. When Gigi lived with us she showed a talent for drawing with a flair that was uniquely her own. Since I like writing and she likes drawing, we began to lay out the plot of our book. My first draft was a disaster, but many drafts later we got the gist. With the words in place she brought out her pencils and illustrated our story. Gigi has always loved looking at the moon, she calls it, "her baby" so I chose this image of hers from the book as an example of her artistic style. With pencil drawings in hand we needed color so we took them to Mrs. Carlson and she brought them to life at her watercolor painting table. Mrs. Carlson is a talented artist in her own right -- Gigi has a contemporary painting of hers hanging in her apartment. Printing the book was pretty easy once we got all the elements together, and to keep the cost down and within the boundaries of our business plan, we chose a local printer who could update and make changes as we went along. Because we all should shop local and support our entrepreneurs who add their unique quality and flavor to our world. We have dreams about doing other books together, but we're proud of this first step. We hope it helps so many other clueless foster moms and dads and their kids learn to "wear their crown."

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