NBC Interview

In March of 2021, Gigi appeared on NBC with Female Strong founder Jody LeVoie. Leann Trotter interviewed her about our business and what it was like to participate in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy program, also known as YEA. I wanted to know what it was like, heading down to Chicago to do a big TV news interview. Here’s Gigi’s description of the experience and what she sees as the next steps for Margaret’s Child and Hairy Godmother. 

Margaret: Can you describe the experience of being interviewed by NBC?

Gigi: Going to the 1871 space took me back to where it all started so it was like walking down memory lane. My first time doing an interview like that made me feel really grateful for the opportunity. First, we picked out the room with the video guy and got set up. We also took tons of pictures in front of the Merchandise Mart which is where 1871 is located. Then Jody did her interview and hearing her story was empowering because she’s overcome really hard things. It helped me understand why she leads Female Strong. Doing the interview with her gave me hope that more girls will get involved with YEA. I hope it reaches more girls that are in the same boat as me and I hope they get involved with YEA since it is necessary for women to try different things to learn what they’re good at. I think sometimes women are accepted into certain areas and not others and with YEA girls learn to exercise leadership capabilities in all areas — not just business, but friendships and relationships. Also, YEA helped me believe that my ideas needed to be heard and I think so many girls miss out on that.

Margaret: What do you see as next for the business and what are the challenges surrounding those next steps? 

Gigi: Definitely, building a community around the brand is next. Launching the book and getting the haircare products developed. Building a business while in school is hard. I’m taking a haircare formulation class and trying to balance out my time: work, grades, social life, school, the business - something has to drop. I’m still learning time management. Honestly, I’m young and I’m not perfect and time management will come with age, maturity and experience.

Margaret: If you could interview anyone or be interviewed by anyone else, who would it be?

Gigi: Obviously Oprah because I admire her so much. Also Lisa Price, the founder of the haircare line Carol’s Daughter because I’m going through a similar journey and hearing and learning from someone who’s ahead of me would really be encouraging. I know that I’m stepping on the shoulders of the giants before me so I’d love to interview her, she doesn’t need to interview me.


How did you create the book together?

When Gigi came up with the idea of writing a book about our struggles with her hair I thought, "Let's do it!" But we all know how coming...